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Whatever the occasion, it will require a special dress. Relax and rest assured that whether the dress your are looking for is part of our wide selection of ready-to-wear gowns, or one that will be sketched by our top and talented designers who will transform that desired fabric of your choice into a custom-fitted and elegant creation that accentuates your beauty. So don’t waste a minute to experience the La Prima VIP treatment! good

Welcome to La Prima Fashion House

Villa de La Prima Abdoun

Princess Alia St. Sweifieh opposite of Ebad Al-Rahman Mosque
Amman - Jordan
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Phone: (+962)  79-750 5036
Phone: (+962)  79-750 5001

La Prima Sweifieh

Princess Taghreed Bin Muhammad, Behind Barakah Mall
Email Id:
Phone: (+962)  79-7505008
Phone: (+962)  79-750 5022

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